Category: IRIS_SES

Integrated Regional monitoring Implementation Strategy in the South European Seas (IRIS -SES) is a pilot project on New Knowledge for an integrated management of human activities in the sea (PP/ENV D2/SEA 2012). It  aims to support management of human activities and their effects in EU waters by providing tools for integrated MSFD and other environmental legislation in selected regions and based on existing sampling across various disciplines.

Within the IRIS-SES context, training on all new issues posed by the innovative approach of MSFD and involving the methodological and practical aspects listed above is essential for the scientific stakeholder community as well as for the whole community of technicians and researchers actively involved in the MSFD monitoring programs at the different national or regional levels. This part of IRIS-SES is implemented through the use of LifeWatch platform (run by USalento) and aimed to both expert and not-expert international audience.

The seven TED-like short talks were covering topic as: Biodiversity, Alien Species, Food webs, Eutrophication, Sea bed integrity, Contaminants and Marine Litter. They are dealing respectively on morpho-functional diversity, as body size diversity, in marine ecosystems, plankton biodiversity and food web dynamics, alien species treats to marine Mediterranean ecosystems, nutrient dynamics, phytoplankton dynamics and harmful algal blooms in the Black Sea, bioturbation and sea bed integrity, problems raising from new nano-particle contaminants, critical pressures from POPs concentration in marine ecosystems and organism responses and contaminant bio-magnification.

Start Date:  Friday, 07 August 2015
Topics: 11